I have initiated collaboration with a nonprofit science center Explorit igniting and fostering curiosity about science and nature through inquiry and discovery. Highlights from Davis Enterprise in 2014 and 2013.


In 2012-2016, I was a lecturer in California Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS). "Energy and Society" series of lectures is complimented by hands on experience in solid state synthesis of state-of-the-art semiconducting and superconducting materials in my lab.


In 2012-2014, I was a faculty instructor in the ACS Project SEED: Summer Research Internship Program for Economically Disadvantaged High School Students. The program provides opportunities for students who historically lack exposure to scientific careers to spend a summer conducting research.

Young Scholars Program

In 2013-2016, I was a faculty instructor in the UCD Young Scholars Program. The program is designed to expose high achieving high school students to the world of original research in the natural sciences.


I am a co-PI on the UC Davis Chemistry NSF REU Grant.The program provides diverse undergraduate students with a unique nine-week research experience tackling important societal research problems in energy and catalysis.

Chemistry Club

In 2012-2017, I was a chair of faculty advisory committee for UC Davis Undergraduate Chemistry Club and associated outreach activities directed to creation of awareness of the sciences (especially chemistry) in the local community by providing attractive, yet educational, demonstrations at local schools, public parks, and on campus.

2019 Holloween Science, Science Center des Moines

Few out of many very appreciated by ChemClub cards

Fairfield Elementary, Davis, ~40 attendants

ECL preschool, Davis, ~40 attendants

Picnic Day 2014, ~1600 attendants

Pioneer Elementary School, Davis, ~600 attendants

Beamer Park Elementary School, Woodland, ~150 attendants

Exlplorit Final Blast 2013, ~200 attendants

Celebrate Davis 2013, ~100 attendants

Picnic Day 2013, ~1600 attendants

Sacramento School 2013, ~150 attendants

Halloween Show 2012, ~50 attendants

Picnic Day 2012, ~1600 attendants