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The research projects are devoted to the development of new materials for energy related applications: thermoelectrics, superconductors, heterogeneous catalysts, and battery electrodes. The ultimate goal of our research is establishing a structure – property relationship of different types of materials.

Graduate and undergraduate students are welcome to join our group

If you are interested in designing energy efficient materials and gaining knowledge at the crossover of solid state chemistry and materials science, contact us.
Graduate and undergraduate students who join our group will be exposed to a variety of techniques for synthesis and characterization of solid state inorganic materials.

Postdoctoral position in solid-state chemistry is available in our group

Talented and motivated young researchers are welcome to apply for the Postdoctoral Position in our group.
Experience in materials synthesis (solid state, flux growth, solvothermal), crystal structure determination (powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction, electron microscopy) and properties characterization (charge and heat transport, magnetic, and electrochemical) is preferred.
The successful candidate will have a PhD degree in solid state, materials, or inorganic chemistry. Minorities and women are encouraged to apply.
Applications, including curriculum vitae and a list of at least three references should be sent to Dr. Kirill Kovnir.