graduate Students

Dr. Jason Goh, graduated in 2019.


Dr. Zhiyuan Qi, graduated in 2018.


Dr. Yuchen Pei, graduated in 2018.


Dr. Raghu Maligal-Ganesh, graduated in 2017.


Dr. Xinle Li, graduated in 2016.


Dr. Denny Tesfagaber graduated in 2016.

Dr. Kyle Brashler, graduated in 2015.


Dr. Chaoxian Xiao


Visiting Professors

  • Renfeng Nie, Hubei University, 2017–2018
  • Yanfeng Yue, Sul Ross State University, 2018
  • Gitogo Churu, LeTourneau University, 2017
  • Kai Xi, Nanjing University, 2016-2017
  • Abdurrahman C. Ateşin, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, 2016

Visiting Graduate students

  • Jingwen Chen, Zhejiang University, Oct. 2017–Oct. 2018
  • Sebastian Westhaus, University of Applied Sciences Mannheim, Feb. 2015–Jan. 2016

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Students Receive Training (48 total)

In Huang’s lab, these undergraduate students receive training in a real research environment. Note that of these undergraduate students, 12 of them went to graduate school in chemistry or related fields (indicated with ‡), 11 of them were on author list of publications from Huang’s group (indicated with §).

Current - 5 undergraduate students

  • Zachary McGraw, Iowa State University                                              Aug 2017–Dec 2017
  • Jiashu Wu, Iowa State University                                                          May 2017–Present
  • Claudio Ordonez, Iowa State University                                              Jan 2017–Present
  • Heather MacMurdo, Iowa State University                                          Jan 2017–Present
  • Charles Ward, Iowa State University                                                    Jan 2016–Present

Former undergraduate students 43 students    

1.    §‡Weijun Sun, Iowa State University                                                   Jan 2015–Jun 2017

           went to Graduate School (University of Arizona)    

2.    §‡Linlin Tang, Iowa State University                                                    Aug 2015–May 2016

          went to Graduate School (Penn State University)                

3.    §‡Shannon Goes, Iowa State University                                            Jan 2013–May 2016

          went to Graduate School (University of Wisconsin Madison)            

4.    §‡Jeffrey Gustafson, Iowa State University                                      Jan 2013–Aug 2015

          went to Graduate School (University of Chicago)

5.    ‡Xuechen Luan, Iowa State University                                               Jan. 2015–May 2015

        went to Graduate School (Iowa State University)            

6.    §‡Qianhui Zhang, Iowa State University                                             Aug 2014–Jul 2015

          went to Graduate School (Rice University)            

7.    ‡Payton Goodrich, Iowa State University                                           May 2013–Aug 2013

        went to Graduate School (University of California-Berkeley)  

8.    ‡John Rey Romal, Benedictine University                                         May 2013–Aug 2013 

        went to Graduate School (Iowa State University)

9.    §‡Christopher Perez, University of California-Los Angeles            Aug 2013–Dec 2013

          went to Graduate School (University of California-Davis)

10.    §‡Tian-Wei Goh, Iowa State University                                              Nov 2011–May 2013

            went to Graduate School (Iowa State University)

11.    ‡Zachary C. Foltz, Iowa State University                                          Nov. 2011–May 2013

           went to Graduate School (Florida State Unviersity)

12.    ‡Hannah Giang, Iowa State University                                              Jan 2014–May 2014

          went to Graduate School (Southern Illinois University)

13.    Brooke Hayley, LeTourneau University                                            Jun. 2017–Aug. 2017

14.    Noah Holden, University of Minnesota-Duluth                                May 2017–Aug. 2017

15.    Zhaoyi Wang, Beijing Normal University                                           May 2017–Aug. 2017

16.    Rong Sun, Beijing Normal University                                                 May 2017–Aug. 2017    

17.    Austin Angel, Iowa State University                                                  Jan. 2017–May. 2017

18.    Tyler Franke, Iowa State University                                                   Jan. 2017–May. 2017

19.    Caroline Buchholz, Iowa State University                                       Jan. 2015–Dec. 2016    

20.    Nisanci Yunus, Iowa State University                                               Jan. 2015–Dec. 2016

21.    §Gregory Power, Iowa State University                                           Jan. 2014–May. 2015  

22.    §Andrew Thiel, Iowa State University                                               Aug. 2012–May. 2014

23.    §Yuhui Fang, Beijing Normal University                                            May. 2016–Aug. 2016

24.    §Shuyan Qi, Beijing Normal University                                              May. 2016–Aug. 2016

25.    Megan L. Mayer, San Francisco State University                           May. 2016–Aug. 2016

26.    Christopher D. Bandas, University of Puerto Rico                        May. 2016–Aug. 2016

27.    Miller Schweiger, Marshalltown Community College                    May. 2016–Aug. 2016

28.    Sydney M. Johnston, Iowa State University                                  Jan. 2016–May. 2016

29.    Mary H. Lowe, Iowa State University                                                 Jan. 2016–May. 2016

30.    Nhien Lo, Iowa State University                                                         Aug. 2015–May. 2016

31.    Hyunsong Jung, Iowa State University                                          Jan. 2015–Dec. 2015    

32.    Edwige Mafuta, Iowa State University                                              Jan. 2015–Dec. 2015    

33.    Aaron Zoeliner, Iowa State University                                             Jan. 2015–Dec. 2015

34.   Grace Lutovsky, Iowa State University                                           Jan. 2015–May. 2015

35.   Luis Velazquez, Madison Area Technical College                         May. 2014–Aug. 2015  

36.    Anchit Mehta, University of Massachusetts                                   May. 2014–Aug. 2015  

37.    Andrew Boniface, Allan Hancock College                                       May. 2014–Aug. 2015  

38.    Lipin Wu, Iowa State University                                                         Jan. 2014–May. 2014  

39.    Taylor Fernholz, Iowa State University                                           Jan. 2013–Dec. 2013

40.    Joshua Anderson, Iowa State University                                      Jan. 2012–May. 2012

41.    Taylor Francis, Iowa State University                                              Jan. 2012–May. 2013

42.    Christopher Whitemore, Iowa State University                            Jan. 2012–May. 2012

43.    Hannah Hoglund, Iowa State University                                         Nov. 2011–Dec. 2012