Zaikina Group


We are synthetic solid state chemistry research group focusing on the development of novel synthetic methods toward new functional materials that address current scientific challenges in sustainable energy.

Students in Zaikina group will lean unconventional synthesis methods toward inorganic solid state materials, will become experts in varios characterization techniques (X-ray crystallography, magnetochemistry, spectroscopy) and will be introduced to the methods of computational chemistry with the primary goal of development of novel synthetic methods and study of structure-property correlations in different classes of emergent functional materials.

From left to right: Nife, Julia, Tori, Volodymyr, Gourab, Sangki

From left to right: Sangki, Nife, Julia, Tori, Gourab, Volodymyr

Group News and Events

Volodymyr's paper got accepted to the Chemistry - A European Journal !
This paper brought together a dream team of collaborators from Chemistry and Physiscs ISU and Ames Lab! Congratulations!

January 16 2019

Kristian received Undergraduate Research Scholarships! Congratulations!

January 10 2019

Our Paper on hydride synthesis of antimonides in Chem. Mater. was selected for the the ACS Virtual Issue "Emerging Investigators in Solid-State Inorganic Chemistry!"

The issue showcases recently published research papers from Inorganic Chemistry, Chemistry of Materials, and The Journal of the American Chemical Society to demonstrate the creativity, range, and areas of interest of selected up-and-coming researchers in this field who have started their independent laboratories in the past five to eight years.


Volodymyr's paper got accepted to the Special Issue "Advances in Zintl Phases" in open access journal Materials . Congratulations!

December 17 2018

Welcome new graduate students!
Aishwarya Mantravadi and Brittany Courteau (co-advised with Dr. Javier Vela)


First paper from Zaikina Group just got accepted to Chemistry of Materials! Congrats to Tori and Volodymyr!

November 13 2018

ACS Midwest Regional Meeting in Ames was a success!

Gourab, Tori, Nife and Sangki presented their reserach at the poster session. Julia was one of the co-organizers of "Inorganic Chemistry for All" Symposium.

October 21-23,2018

Congrats to Sangki Hong for passing his preliminary oral exam and advancing to PhD candidacy!

September 27 2018

Our collaboration with Prof. Javier Vela group resulted in Chem. Mater. publication.

Nife, Tori and Julia attended 2018 Midwest Women Chemists Retreat (Luther College, Decorah, IA)

July 27-29, 2018

Founded by Prof. Robyn Anand (Department of Chemistry, Iowa State Univerisity), 2018 Midwest Women Chemists Retreat is a great networking event, bringing together a group of women at different career stages to discuss the challenges women face in science and in seeking career-life balance.

Nife and Tori presented posters about their research projects, while Julia took part in Academic Discussion Panel.

Julia presented a poster at Solid State Chemistry Gordon Research Conference (New London, NH)

July 22-27, 2018

Terrific conference to learn about frontiers of the field, establish new collaborations, and meet with friends and mentors! Julia and her postdoctoral advisers Prof. Susan Kauzlarich (UC Davis) and Prof. Susan Latturner (FSU)

Julia gave a talk at the Aperiodic 2018 conference

July 12th, 2018

Great opportunity to present our research and learn more about aperiodic structures!

Ying Li, a summer student from internship program with Beijing Normal University, has joined the group. Welcome Ying!

May 30th, 2018

Ying will stay with us till August 1st and will work on the synthesis from deep eutectic solvents together with Sangki and Nife.

Volodymyr has joined the group. Welcome Dr. Gvozdetskyi!

January, 2018

Tori, Sangki, and Julia has traveled to Argonne National Lab to collect in-situ powder XRD data at 17-BM


Welcome new graduate students
Adedoyin (Nife) Adeyemi, Gourab Bhaskar and Tori Cox!


Julia's Paper from Postdoctoral Work at FSU on La-rich spin glass is out!

November 17, 2017

Switching on a Spin Glass: Flux Growth, Structure, and Magnetism of La11Mn13xyNixAlySn4-d Intermetallics. Inorg. Chem., 2017, 56, 1519415202.

October and November: considerable progress with lab setup !

October-November, 2017

Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) unit has arrived and .....been installed!

Gloveboxes are here!

First reaction in the Lab!

August 29, 2017

Julia has attended 6th CSC New Faculty Workshop in Washington, D.C.

August 3-5, 2017

We are setting up a new lab in Hach Hall.


Zaikina group is currently recruiting new members!


Sangki Hong has joined the group!

August, 2017

2nd-year gradute student Sangki Hong has joined the group. Welcome!